This is the sort of dorky thing I do on holiday:

Didn’t actually update to WordPress 2.8, because it’s inflicting a certain amount of fail, and I want the site to be running for my EIFF reviews. But: I did update the theme so my tweets are more visible, because the chances of me getting around to blogging everything in Edinburgh are slim.

I also spent an indecent amount of time working out which problem with WP 2.8 would cause me problems (low PHP memory allocation, if you’re interested, which I doubt), and started to see if there was a way around this (there is, but I don’t know if my hosting provider will like it, so I’m not making any sudden moves).

Today’s image is a still from the opening titles of the documentary Helvetica, which is about the typeface Helvetica, and yes, I am a geek, and you can’t stop me

Still from Helvetica

(I’m trying to make myself watch all the DVDs that I own but have been actively ignoring: Helvetica was the first. Only – Good Lord, how many? – to go. It’s not helped by the fact that certain people, who will remain nameless, have been encouraging the re-watching of Stargate Atlantis)

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