Fangirl for WordPress

Updating the site to WordPress 2.7 from 2.5, now that my broadband is back. (Is that worrying, that the first thing I think of isn’t communicating with the outside world, but tweaking my blog system?) It’s codenamed ‘Coltrane’ (They have a jazz naming thing going on. I don’t object, because I am a WP fangirl, but it’s overly optimistic about the nature of blogging :)

It’s all different (go to the WordPress site for an elaboration, I’m not much above – ooh, AJAX-y!), and will now apparently be updatable without me backing everything up and then carefully installing the new version, which is useful, but I still get a certain satisfaction from doing this and it actually working, rather than giving me pert error messages.

So now the image upload thing should work (eee!) (I should probably elaborate: It’s not that the image upload hasn’t worked since WP 2.5, it’s just that I kept forgetting to upgrade this site until now, so missed the various bug-fixes. Upgrading means I realise how long it is since I posted anthing), which means I can see whether the AJAX-y image thing on the front page works now…

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