Strike one for the Filmhouse

First cappuccino of the festival, and yes, it is overpriced, but at least it’s not gratuitously overpriced. I just felt I ought to use the Filmhouse Cafe for this occasion at least, and it turns out they have both wi-fi and plug points, although they’re not exactly shouting about it, so maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it…

Another resolution: I shall not despair at my inability to see any famous people, anywhere, ever…

I shall not feel guilty that, as an aspiring screenwriter, I am not going to (a) any of the many screenwriting appropriate events, or (b) any of the Anita Loos retrospective screenings. (See also the film festival’s theme)

I don’t feel guilty that I find the obviously industry attendees punchable, it’s just ironic, in context.

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